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Jerry (né Gerald) Gosnell

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This will be a long read, so please make yourself a cup of tea to savor while reminiscing.

It is with sadness that I share my husband, and loving father to our two daughters, Jerry, died peacefully and on his own terms on January 20th, 2022 after a valiant battle with the brain tumor monster. 

Jerry, proud Daddy, devoted husband, Son, Uncle, little Brother,  Friend to SO many, adored colleague and coworker, died at age 55 after a fast and furious battle with malignant brain tumors. His life ended too soon and he had so much more living to do and goals to accomplish. He is and will always be deeply missed by the hundreds of people whom he met, even if just once.

Jerry decided to spare his family and himself another painful day, so he chose to let go and left this earthly plane, and peacefully took his last breath. Even though we are incredibly sad, we are relieved Jerry is no longer suffering and in pain, he is now worry-free and able to be with all his pet doggies that are waiting for him, as Jerry insisted on calling it, 'The Rainbow Cloud'. We are certain he was welcomed with a huge fanfare!

Jerry was born in 1966 (proudly, he would say, the same year Winnie the Pooh was 'born') in Norristown, Pennsylvania. Jerry began his education at the Valley Forge Farm school; he often recounted his fond memories of riding horses there. 

Jerry then attended Visitiation, where his Mother also worked as a teacher. His education continued at Devon Prep, and Jerry shared how he loved to learn his Latin declensions by sauntering like a bear and singing, all thanks to Father Magyar's creativity.  He completed his high school education as an excellent soccer player and graduated from Arch Bishop Carrol in 1985.

Okay, here is the interactive part of Jerry's story. Hold up your index and middle fingers as in a 'peace' sign, and separate them to make a 'V'. Now, sing 'Veeeeeee, for VillaNOVA'. Jerry was passionate and proud and would often do this whenever he saw someone with a Villanova baseball hat or shirt. He graduated in 1989. Please make a 'V' and sing 'Veeeee, for VillaNOVA' whenever you see the emblem, in memory of Jerry...and remember to smile.

Jerry leaves behind (me) his wife of 16+ years, his two smart, strong, and adoring daughters, and his two loyal rescue doggies. He also leaves behind his Dad, so many nieces and nephews, and four siblings.

He. Will. Be. Missed.

Jerry was known for his smile and warm personality. He met people from all over the world through work and travel, and immediately you found a friend. Jerry and I traveled extensively, skiing in Colorado, wine tastings in California, doing business in Heidelberg, Germany, got engaged in Sydney, Australia, traveled with our daughters to Las Vegas, skiing in CaliNeva with our firstborn, also adventuring in Puerto Rico, Saint Kitts, Dominican Republic, Saint Ann Parish Jamaica, OBX to name a few.

Jerry enjoyed working for SAP and the hundreds of people he met there and called 'friend'. We have been amazed during his illness by the support and love and selflessness his colleagues and coworkers have shown, and are immensely grateful.

Jerry was also intrigued and excited about his own businesses he created and managed with us, his wife and daughters, real estate investing, and ownership. This is the legacy he was driven to create for his daughters' futures and success. To see the sparkle in his eyes when he learned another tidbit about real estate would bring a smile to anyone that saw his excitement.

Jerry was a Certified Ice (PADI) rescue diver, Sea Plane pilot, and A&P mechanic. He often recounted with pride and sparkle in his eyes his time working as ground crew, directing airplanes and filling up the gas tanks at Wings Airport in Blue Bell. He had planned on going back there and doing the same as his 'retirement job'.

I’m grateful that Jerry was able to die at home.  I’m grateful that his family and friends were able to come to BE with him and spend time with him.  I’m grateful for the love and support of friends and family.  It has been difficult beyond words, but I wouldn’t trade it.

A celebration of Jerry's life will be held this Spring, by his wife and daughters, so that all who adored Jerry can gather outside and reminisce, comfortably.

Please understand that for now, we need to grieve and heal and privately process all that has led up to Jerry's departure from our lives together. Please let us know if you'd like the information when we have it at a later time.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be sent to his daughters' education funds. This is what Jerry was SO passionate about.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be sent to his daughters' education funds. This is what Jerry was SO passionate about.
Please make check payable to
Shannon Gosnell
and send to
Harleysville National Bank
2301 West Main Street
Eagleville PA 19403
make check payable to
Brianna Gosnell 
and send to
Harleysville National Bank
2301 West Main Street
Eagleville PA 19403

For those that knew Jerry, he's probably enjoying a mug of warm tea, surrounded by all of his doggies that welcomed him to his next existence. Please sit and have a tea and remember and honor his memory.

We are all ok. Grief will certainly come, but for now, we are grateful that Jerry can finally rest peacefully.

Thank you all for your love and support. We couldn't have gotten through this journey without your steadfast love, support, and tears. YOU have been our rock. 


With so much love,

Linda, Shannon, Brianna,

Darby and Thumper


Jerry Gosnell

2 May 1966 -

20 January 2022

Rest in Paradise.

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